Event Horizon


Autumn i declare
stay the archers hand i beg you
providence is calling
the armies of the road
avalon in twilight
whispered dreams
voices falling
here and now
come and gone
fire become the rose

dominion i resign
sweet indifference i embrace you
silhouette the unicorn
neath october sky
ebb and flow the tides of war
salve Regina
Guenevere revelation lies
across the bridge of sighs

reason i abjure
sword from the stone i would feign deny thee
blade to blade till the end of day
exiled children of Eve
chaos on the event horizon
Deus ex machina
reap the harvest our discontent
this our vale of tears

bass ric fierabracci
guitars & vocals jag
vocals emily shirk, ann marita


© 2000 J.A.Glance. All Rights Reserved.