Event Horizon

Vanak Parkway

Down the Vanak Parkway,
glides the Empress with her entourage
winter of '79 ,
revolution on the boulevards.
carrion come the changes
blowing down the towers
crossroads at the break of dawn
empire the final hours.

Round the interchange
past the palace of Niavaran
down the avenues
of Elisabeth and Shemran
the muezzin calls
the faithful to their knees
the Word becomes the Word
chameleon pathways to the sea.

Crimson laced the sunrise
a veil across the years
down to the water not one step further
dawn yet pale, a widows tear.
Past the point of no return song playing let it be
no name but the one you give me now
no face but the one you see

One more song for sorrow now and another for the rain
siren song desire, call of fortune call of fame
tied to the mast I can hear them call
mirrors in the dust orion will fall
one look back such is the cost
heaven and earth all will be lost forever

slide guitar & bass brett garsed
guitars & vocals jag


© 2000 J.A.Glance. All Rights Reserved.