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the 1 thing to be desired from the world
freedom from it
the 1 thing to be practised
the art of dying
3 things to be sought after
silence and the stillness born thereby,
Light and the Love of God

right about now you might want to give this
your undivided attention
G Prewitt

landfall Esperance
top of descent
empty handed
between the worlds
let me not fail at the gate
suspend my disbelief
wake me now before its too late
said the joker to the thief

trending Damocletian
these threads we all our lives
trending exponential
would be desire
vestigial demon from the hell worlds
the power that sometime sings
a razors edge for those
those who would be king

songlines in the dream time
feather on the dragons breath
Andromeda disembodied I
pray thee save me from myself
there in the contrails
shadow of the mesa
ripple in the timeline
a tear in the veil

my eyes were pierced by vision
and Wisdom showed me all
gibbous crescent
Grace before the fall
there in the contrails
shadow of the mesa
ripple in the timeline
a tear in the veil


As humans we are able to probe the mystery that is desire
And though we may never fathom the mystery
we come to learn that desire is a choice
Through contemplation and meditation we still the motion
It enables us to see the empty spaces

prayer and faith are conduits
faith at some time awakens and emerges
a living thing, life within life
it is a form of refuge
refuge and a bridge


boundless cognition
where all the universes are a memory
in the eternal mind
this a trinitarian aspect of the absolute singularity

at some point it becomes impossible not to suspend the disbelief
this the breath of life moving through itself
this the liberation of spirit from matter