Event Horizon


Mist is lying on shrouded fields
The hour is coming the hour is near
Whispers coming from across the sea
For those who listen but cannot hear.

Blind men stumble in the underground
White canes tapping without a sound
Twilight turn, the silence watches
Death she wear a hollow crown

from the eyes behind the mask
a point to where the line is drawn
beyond the gates in time and space
the pale clear light of dawn

Fires are burning in the night
Shadows they turn turn to grey
Darkness comes with the morning light
Hell is the price to pay.
Long time ago I remember
I heard you call, call my name
A long time just to surrender now
Hearts of darkness november rain

winds of karma coming now
and the whispers of desire
there lie the tiger and the fawn
between the ashes and the fire

river of consequence before me now
oceans of time to the other shore
river of consequence behind me now
oceans of time to the other shore

lead guitar brett garsed
guitars and vocals jag


© 2000 J.A.Glance. All Rights Reserved.